ChatGPTと会話しました!(その12)英検1級エッセイ問題「2015年度 第1回」

英語塾:Hello Chat! Here is an english test which was carried out in Japan. I would like you to make a sample answer for me. Please make your essay look being written by high school student in the USA. Also tell me how many words you used in your essay. Thanks in advance.


  1. Write an essay on the given TOPIC covering three of the POINTS below.
  2. Structure: Three or more paragraphs, including an introduction and conclusion.
  3. Length: Around 200 words
  4. Write your essay in the space provided on Side B of your answer sheet. Any writing outside the space will not be graded.
  5. TOPIC : Should cloning research be promoted, or should it be discontinued?
    ● Endangered species
    ● Ethics
● Financial costs
● Food supply
    ● Medical applications
    ● Risks
    Dear reader,

ChatGPT:Cloning has been a controversial topic for many years. It is a process that involves creating an identical copy of an organism. While there are several benefits of cloning, such as medical applications and preserving endangered species, there are also concerns regarding its ethics, financial costs, and potential risks. In this essay, I will discuss my opinion on whether cloning research should be promoted or discontinued, covering three of the given points.

Firstly, cloning can be a valuable tool in preserving endangered species. By creating a genetically identical copy of an endangered animal, we can prevent their extinction. Furthermore, cloning can help to restore the balance in ecosystems, and prevent the loss of biodiversity. Therefore, it is important to continue research on cloning for this purpose.

However, the ethical implications of cloning cannot be ignored. Cloning raises questions about the value of human life, as well as the rights of cloned organisms. Moreover, cloning can be seen as playing the role of “God”, which could potentially lead to disastrous consequences. For these reasons, we should be cautious in promoting cloning research.

Lastly, the financial costs of cloning research should be considered. Cloning is a very expensive process, and the funds required could be better spent on other areas of research. For example, we could focus on developing sustainable food sources to solve the global food crisis, rather than cloning livestock for food supply.

In conclusion, cloning research should be continued for the purpose of preserving endangered species. However, we should be cautious in promoting cloning due to ethical concerns and financial costs. It is essential to carefully consider the potential risks and benefits of cloning research before making any decisions.

Word count: 209