ChatGPTと会話しました!(その15)英検1級エッセイ問題「2016年度 第1回」


英語塾:Hello Chat! Here is an english test which was carried out in Japan. I would like you to make a sample answer for me. Please make your essay look being written by high school student in the USA. Also tell me how many words you used in your essay. Thanks in advance.


  1. Write an essay on the given TOPIC.
  2. Give THREE reasons to support your answer.
  3. Structure: introduction, main body, and conclusion
  4. Suggested length: 200 240 words
  5. Write your essay in the space provided on Side B of your answer sheet.
  6. Any writing outside the space will not be graded.
  7. TOPIC : Agree or disagree: World peace is an achievable goal
    In today’s world, achieving world peace seems like an impossible task, but I firmly believe that it is achievable. Despite the various conflicts and tensions between different countries, there are several reasons why world peace can be achieved.


Firstly, the increasing global interdependence has made it essential for countries to work together. Economic, environmental, and health-related issues affect the whole world and cannot be solved by individual nations. Therefore, nations must collaborate to solve these problems, which can ultimately lead to better understanding and peaceful relations.

Secondly, the world has become more connected than ever before due to advancements in technology and communication. Social media platforms and other technologies have created a global community, where people from different parts of the world can connect and share ideas. This has led to increased awareness about the diverse cultures and traditions of different countries, which can help bridge gaps and promote peace.

Finally, education plays a significant role in achieving world peace. Educated people are more likely to be open-minded and tolerant towards others, and they can use their knowledge to bring about positive changes in the world. Therefore, investing in education and promoting educational opportunities can lead to a more peaceful world.

In conclusion, world peace is an achievable goal, and we should work towards it by promoting cooperation, leveraging technology, and investing in education. It is important to recognize that achieving world peace will not be an easy task, but if we take steps in the right direction, we can eventually create a world where people from all nations can live in peace and harmony.

Word Count: 231 words